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Before we had this tool we couldn’t make a case for capital renewal or deferred maintenance funding because we didn’t know what our needs were. Now we can easily and accurately forecast capital renewal budgets for any planning horizon. Diversified Intelligence gives us a sense of ownership over our information.

Carl Cogar
Assistant Vice President for Facilities
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH


Diversified Intelligence was founded by Jay Oschrin, a former building inspector at the University of Virginia. Jay saw the need for objective data that could provide an accurate forecast of facility reinvestment costs over time. He began development of a software tool that would enable facility managers everywhere to conduct their own data-driven audits and make convincing presentations to financial managers.

In 1996, he formed Diversified Intelligence and began marketing Facility AuditMateTM nationally.  Since then, Diversified Intelligence has established itself as the leader in the emerging field of lifecycle audits by providing audit software and services to hundreds of organizations nationwide.