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The detail and clarity of AuditMate reports enabled us to move very quickly from a theoretical discussion about the possibility of doing needed work to making a commitment. It was as though I had found a magic wand that solved my financing problems.

Bill Meneeley
Director of Buildings and Grounds
St. Anne’s-Belfield School, Charlottesville, VA


Easy-to-Use Database
With Facility AuditMateTM, data collection is straightforward.  Auditors simply make a choice from a pick-list, a process that ensures a high degree of quality control and uniformity in their work.  Digital photographs can also be entered into the database to provide additional documentation, and many of the fields in the database can be edited to a client’s specifications.

Authoritative Unit Cost and Lifespan Figures
Diversified Intelligence staff has done extensive research to develop realistic unit cost and lifespan data for over 2,200 building components.  Our data is field-tested and refined using input from a national network of manufacturers, architectural and engineering professionals, project managers, and contractors. When applied to a specific facility, these unit cost and lifespan figures can be modified to reflect local conditions like weather, building practices, and labor costs.

Superb Reporting
Users can generate a variety of clear and concise charts and graphs that support their decisions and budget requests in a matter of minutes. Facility AuditMate reports allow facility and financial managers to speak the same language and build consensus on maintaining and improving their physical plant for generations to come.