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Diversified Intelligence presented a way for us to clearly quantify our capital needs as far as 20 years down the road. We now speak the same language as the financial decision makers. As a result, the financial people have really started paying attention.

Fred Ridge
Department of Engineering
City of Greensboro, NC

Turnkey Audits

Turnkey audits are strategic audit services performed by our experienced team of experts using AuditMate technology.

Drawing on the power of our Facility AuditmateTM software, our experts handle the entire audit process including data collection, data entry, deployment, staff training, and assistance with internal presentations. A turnkey audit will provide you with unmatched experience, consistency and objectivity in assessing your building needs.

For institutions who do not have the staff or time to take on their own audit activities, our turnkey audit services provide a simple and effective solution.  They can be conducted on a building-by-building basis or across your entire facility.  Throughout the process, we work closely with your facilities team to ensure that the audit is targeted to your organization’s specific needs.