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City of Greensboro

Forecasting leads to better communication.

With more than 400 municipal buildings to manage, the facility directors for the City of Greensboro, North Carolina had a rapidly growing list of capital needs. Quantifying and communicating those needs, however, proved to be a serious challenge because the City had no way to gather objective facilities data. As a result, the City struggled to make an effective case for funding ongoing reinvestment needs.

Diversified Intelligence performed a comprehensive facility audit for 65 buildings including libraries, museums, fire and police stations, transit centers, recreation centers and offices encompassing more than 1.4 million square feet. Using Facility AuditMateTM, the city’s facilities team was able to clearly project its capital needs over the next 20 years and generate an ongoing record of when buildings and equipment would reach the term of their useful lifecycle. Most importantly, they were able to clearly communicate reinvestment needs to the city’s financial decision makers. Following their facilities lifecycle audit, the city approved more than $13 million for capital improvements based on the detailed data presented by the facilities team.

City of Greensboro

“Diversified Intelligence presented a way for us to clearly quantify our capital needs as far as 20 years down the road. We now speak the same language as the financial decision makers. As a result, the financial people have really started paying attention.”

Fred Ridge
Department of Engineering and Inspections