Diversified Intelligence - Your Facility Forecaster

South Dakota Department of Transportation

Forecasting leads to confident decisions.

South Dakota’s Department of Transportation maintains facilities in 63 cities that are divided into four districts across the state. The Department’s Finance Director faced a constant challenge in managing and organizing data from so many varied and far-ranging facilities. The lack of a central database made planning and budgeting difficult so the Department began looking for a way to efficiently forecast needs over time and improve their planning process.

Diversified Intelligence performed a comprehensive statewide audit of more than 390,000 square feet encompassing rest areas, airplane hangers, offices, salt sheds, scalehouses and more.  By pulling the data from all four regions into one comprehensive database, the audit enabled DOT management to accurately prioritize reinvestment projects across the state.  In addition, DOT staff was trained in the use of Facility AuditMate and they now run customized reports that allow them to communicate more effectively with other departments. The result is a more efficient planning and decision-making process because everyone–from operations to engineering to finance–is on the same page.

South Dakota Department of Transportation

“The facilities’ budgeting process has become a lot easier since I started using Facility AuditMateTM. It basically does your budget for you by providing actual objective data and projectable budgets that can be shared with the financial team. Now everyone is on the same page so we can make better decisions.”

Brian J. Moore
Internal Services Program Manager