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PCI Design, Evansville, IN

Forecasting leads to greater client value.

Professional Consultants (PCI), based in Evansville, Indiana, is a consulting engineering firm with a strong facilities management practice. The firm recognized a growing need among its clients for accurate long-range capital planning based on objective data. PCI’s Senior Project Manager began looking for a software application that would enable the firm to expand its planning services and provide greater value to its clients.

PCI evaluated Facility AuditMateTM  and found an excellent solution for helping clients with long-range capital planning.  As an authorized Diversified Intelligence distributor, PCI has incorporated Facility AuditMate’s lifecycle auditing into its core services. Client response has been universally positive, especially among organizations with multiple locations or campus-like environments such as manufacturers, healthcare, and educational institutions. As a result, PCI now has the ability to provide clients with a comprehensive facility planning solution that compliments their other facility management services.

PCI Design, Evansville, IN

“Facility AuditMate was a natural extension of our services and is perfectly aligned with our business development efforts. It’s a simple but powerful tool that creates real value for our clients in the form of objective, data-driven facility lifecycle audits.”

Walter Smith
Senior Project Manager